Word Work Unit 1 Week 2

The Essential Question

This week, the Essential Question for our studies will be, How do your actions affect others?

Do your actions really have an affect on the people around you?  Think about that. Discuss the idea with your parents, grandparents, and friends.  We will be writing about that this week during our writing lessons.


The spelling words for this week focus on the LONG “A” vowel sound. There are many different ways to produce the long “A” sound. These words can be very confusing to spell so be very careful. I would suggest that you study them every day. You will get a set of flash cards on Monday. The words are:

major rail clay they steak
eight stray today obey claim
drain bail graze pale faint
ache cane face break slate


We will follow the same routine we used last week for the vocabulary words. We will go over them several times in class, practice writing them, and we will write sentences using the words in context. I will also set up a list in the Quizlet app. The test will be Friday. The words for this week are:

advise To advise means to give one’s opinion or to inform.
desperately To act desperately means to try anything to change a hopeless situation.
hesitated If you hesitated you waited or stopped, especially because of feeling unsure.
humiliated To be humiliated means to be made to feel ashamed or foolish.
Cognate: humillado
inspiration An inspiration is a person or thing that stirs the mind, feelings, or imagination.
Cognate: inspiración
self-esteem To have self-esteem is to have respect for oneself.
uncomfortably Uncomfortably means “uneasily.”