Word Work Unit 1 Week 1

Spelling Words

The spelling words for this week focus on the short vowel sound.

The words to know for this week’s test on Friday are:

flat cash band bell
left shelf wealth grim
mill hint plot dock
blot odd sum plum
bluff crunch build gym

Vocabulary Words

It is important to not only know how to spell the vocabulary words but also know the meaning of those words.

The vocabulary words for the week are:

  • brainstorm
To brainstorm means to solve a problem by having group members all contribute ideas freely.
  • flattened
Flattened means made flatter, or more level or smooth.
  • frantically
To act frantically means to act wildly excited due to worry or fear.
  • muttered
Muttered means spoken in a low, unclear way.
  • official
To be official means to be properly approved or authorized.
Cognate: oficial
  • original
To be original means to do, make, or think of something new or different.
Cognate: original
  • stale
Something can be called stale if it is old or not fresh.

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