Learn to write computer code! is an amazing website. We will be using it regularly during our math centers. I will occasionally allow use during free time. We will also allow it to be used in the computer lab on occasion. is a free website that literally teaches anyone how to create and write programs for computer games. Anyone can sign up and use the site. It is fun to compete with parents and siblings as you you advance through the many levels and to try new and interesting coding games on the site. I highly recommend everyone interested in computers or gaming to register and use it regularly.

If you have any questions about the site, please let me know. Not only do I enjoy “playing” on the site–it is very addictive–but I have attended a teachers workshop to insure I am teaching the use of the site properly.

Please visit the site by clicking this link. I have already assigned all of my students passwords. If you are in my class, I will give you your password within the first week of school.

Click this link to get to the site…


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