About This Site

This site is dedicated to helping my student’s become better prepared for success in my class.  Here you will find news and insights about our class, information concerning the lessons being taught, weekly assignments, and other information that will help your student succeed in Fourth grade.

Who is Mr. Lovoy?

My nickname is Randy and I live in Altoona with my wife, Beth (a First Grade teacher at Altoona School), our two BIG dogs (Zeke and Amelia), two thoroughbred horses (Rooster and Slater), a bunch of chickens, and a cat (Nicky). We have four children who are all grown and live away from home.

My Bachelors degree is in History from the University of Central Florida. I love to read and write about subjects related to American History.  My primary interest is researching the causes and effects of World War II and anything to do with the history of Florida and the South. People often ask me what Historians do and how the History degree relates to teaching. Historians primarily read and write about Historical events. Historians must be able to assess primary and secondary sources for accuracy and authenticity. Historians are life long learners because we love to discover new and exciting information. Historians are expert researchers and writers. The goal of most Historians is to add to the ever expanding knowledge base of their primary subject area and share the information they learn. However, MY goal is to teach young people how to read and write accurately and efficiently, how to research any given subject or topic thoroughly, and how to solve complex problems with creative solutions. My background in History has prepared me to accomplish that goal.

How to contact Mr. Lovoy

I can be easily contacted using the REMIND App.  You can download the app from both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. You do NOT have to have the app to get my updates. To enroll simply text @rlovoy2017 to 81010.  You will be invited to join the conversation.

I strongly encourage you to sign up.  I send briefs through the Remind App almost everyday.  The App also allows you to contact me and me to contact you directly during times when we are not at school.

You can also email me at: rlovoyteaches@gmail.com

Thank you for visiting the site.

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