Recommended Websites

There are many websites that I use to find resources and to offer additional learning opportunities for my students. Some of these sites offer online lessons and tutorials, are fun for the students to use while learning the skills we use in class, and allow me to track progress.  The list is long so rather than bombard you with an amazingly long list, I will post a few at a time.

Note that some of these sites require that you set up an account either for you, your student, or both. I would recommend that if you do create accounts on these sites, you write down any user names or passwords you create and save them in a safe place. I use so many different sites that I actually use a spreadsheet in Google Sheets to keep up with them all.

The first few I would recommend is:

Kahn Academy.

This site is fantastic for learning new skills and getting extra practice on the things we are learning in class. It will greatly enhance your students learning.  When parents ask me for extra work, I usually send them here.

I have actually set up an account for each of my students at this site. You need to provide permission before the students can use the site. If you are interested, let me know through the Remind App and I will send your student’s user name. Of course you can always go there anyway. I just won’t be able to track the progress through the site. is an amazing site that teaches Computer Science and Coding at any learning level. I had my non-reading first graders on it last year. I play on it often too. I absolutely love this site. It has proven to dramatically increase logical thinking and computer skills. I HIGHLY recommend this site. It is very addicting so be careful. By the way, the levels go so high that it can be challenging for anyone. Use it–have fun!

I already have my student accounts set up and they are using it in class. If you need the sign in info for your student to use it at home, let me know.


ConnectEd is our reading and writing curriculum. I can assign work through this website when a student is absent. I can also assign work when a student is struggling in a particular area. I already have everyone signed up so, again, if you need the info, let me know.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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